About Silver Bullet Vacations

Silver Bullet Vacations was born out of a passion for entrepreneurship and adventure.

Co-Owners Brandi and David Pratt founded Silver Bullet Vacations to provide families, friends, and all other wanderlust souls with a middle ground between rugged camping and resort vacations. Life is more fun with a sense of adventure, but towing, equipment, and logistics have created a barrier for many who want to explore the parks, beaches, and music festivals in the Southwest.

As a one-stop shop, Silver Bullet Vacations offers a range of Airstream Travel Trailer and Tow Vehicle solutions for every type of traveler. For the DIY-types, your vacation package can be as simple as picking up your Airstream and heading to your destination. For those who want the VIP treatment, you may opt for full-service delivery, set-up, and teardown. From family getaways to corporate events, Silver Bullet Airstream Trailers can be seen all over the Southwest.

At Silver Bullet Vacations, we pride ourselves on creating a “glamping” experience for everyone.

About the Owners

During the music festival season in the Coachella Valley, Brandi and David Pratt recognized a growing need. As they attended the festivals with their friends, there was a constant discussion about how they’ve outgrown camping in the dirt, but also didn’t want to lose the full festival experience by staying at a hotel.

In those conversations, Silver Bullet Vacations was born.

Brandi, David, and their three children seek out adventure and natural beauty whenever they travel. From hiking and zip lining to white water rafting and boating, they love the outdoors. They have spent years traveling through the Southwest (and everywhere else in the world), and now bring that wealth of experience to their customers at Silver Bullet Vacations. When asked about their favorite part of running the company, they both agree: helping people plan an amazing getaway.